Saturday, April 7, 2012

Just turn on the light

“[...] Don't discuss – shine! You cannot conquer the darkness by arguing with them. Just turn on the light. The gospel is power, power to give light. Preach it. Then you'll connected to the power lines and the light will come.
The electrical lines that lead to the Calvary, the Resurrection, the Throne, 'The Gospel of Christ, ... which is the power of God', as wrote Paul the apostle in Romans 1:16. He knew it. He experienced it. The world in the days of Paul couldn't be worst: cruel, corrupt and cynical. However the Gospel has transformed it. Today, the Gospel can do it again. [...]“
(BONNKE, Reinhard – Evangelismo por Fogo, 2003, Full Flame, página 90; translated from portuguese version.)

Stay in the peace of Jesus Christ!

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